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Cropland Data Layer, New York State, 2008 Raster Cornell University

2008. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Research and Development Division (RDD), Geospatial Information Branch (GIB), Spatial Analysis Research Section (SARS). The USDA, NASS Cropland Data Layer (CDL) is a raster, geo-referenced, crop-specific land cover data layer with a ground resolution of 56 meters. Th...

Index of 2-meter DEM, Tompkins County NY, 2008 Raster Cornell University

2008. NYS ITS GIS Program Office. This is an index of 2-meter DEM tiles for Tompkins County, New York. Derived from a LiDAR point survey collected May 4-13, 2008, the data values re...